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Budal Construction Group Millwork Division



Budal Construction Group Construction Division


Budal Construction Group Mechanical Division


Budal Construction Group Electrical Division


Budal Construction Group Millwork Division

From your initial diagrams to the framing and drywall going up to give you the space you have been looking for. Our Construction team features lead carpenters and foreman who are available to ensure your worksite moves smoothly. 

In our Canadian climate, it could be argued that the mechanical team is sometimes the most important part of a franchise build! From systems and airflow to lighting and kitchens, our mechanical team can work in even the tighest builds.

When the lights and sound are taking a priority, and the kitchen includes the latest and greatest, our electrical team is brought in to save the day! With decades of experience in commerical construction our electrical team will ensure you are ready today, and into the future.

Walking into a business and experiencing the wow factor comes from many things, but the art of commercial construction truly comes from Millwork. Create a statement for your clients with key finishing details from our experienced millwork team. 

  • Framing

  • Drywall 

  • Tiling & Masonry

  • Roofing Systems

  • Beams & Foundations

  • HVAC 

    • Heating​

    • Ventilation

    • Air Conditioning

  • Windows and Moldings

  • Plumbing

  • Refrigeration

  • Wiring & Electrical Components

  • Safety & Compliance Checks

  • Repair or Updating

  • New System Setups

  • Custom Signage

  • Custom Doors & Trim

  • Custom Display Counters

  • Embellishments

  • Custom Wall Panels

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Budal Construction Group Franchise Builder
Budal Construction Group Franchise Construction
Budal Construction Group General Contractor
Budal Construction Group Chopped Leaf Project

Budal Construction Group is able to support your business from the moment your renovation or build is desired; until the day of your grand opening. With our team of designers, and dedicated project management professionals - you will be taken care of and communicated with every step of the way. 

Utilizing our many specialty division, you can have exquisite features within your project that will be eye catching and functional for your team and customers. From our millworks to our plumbing and electrical team, we are confident that you will be impressed with the projects in our portfolio.


Budal Construction Group Restaurant Construction

"I have had the pleasure to work with Todd and the team at Budal a few times now, building new locations across the province. To say I have always been impressed would be an understatement. They are truly amazing at what they do and take great care of their customers."

"So happy to have you and the team on this one! Budal is our first call for our expansions. I can't begin to say enough things about how we were handled, and how we were in the loop at every milestone and every bump in the road!"

"Hats off to Todd and the team on the growth and accomplishments these last few years. Expanding to have such amazing talented team with so many specializations has just allowed you to build some amazing projects. So proud of everything Budal Construction Group has done, and continues to do."

Since 1979 we have been helping customers reach their goals, ensuring that their builds were as stress free as possible, and that the communication throughout the process is clear and transparent. All commercial construction has layers of procurement, challenges, and milestones. Trust our team at Budal to ensure that each milestone is communicated. 

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