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Budal Construction Group Our Story


Budal Construction Group was founded in 1979 by father and son, Bud and Dallas McPeek. They joined both their names and their commitment to workmanship together and created the solid foundation for our company. They spent the years supporting local business, working on renovations and new locations; giving business owners a friendly and supportive partner to help grow their infrastructure. With over 25 years history of successful projects and growing respect in the community, Budal's leadership is now in the hands of the third generation with Bud's grandson, Todd McPeek (Budal Construction Group's CEO of National Operations).

Todd McPeek with Grandfather Bud McPeek


Today, Budal Construction Group continues to expand and assist businesses in their needs for a reliable and trustworthy partner in infrastructure. At the helm is CEO of National Operations, Todd McPeek. Son to Dallas McPeek and grandson to Bud McPeek, Todd has spent his upbringing in the Budal Construction business. Todd has driven the organization to new heights, amplifying the push to give back to community.

Todd's involvement with his team, hardworking demeanor, and clear communication with his clients has pushed Budal Construction Group across the country, helping franchise and business owners maintain brand standards and open new locations on time and on budget. 

Todd McPeek CEO of National Operations


Budal Construction Group Operations


Today, Budal Construction Group works with businesses across the country to develop new locations, renovate existing locations, and open their doors for the very first time. Budal Construction Group has helped contribute to communities by partnering with franchisees and entrepreneurs to expand into new areas and create brand visibility and consistency. 

Working with rapidly expanding businesses has allowed our team to grow to be the best in restaurant and retail construction, and has continued to benefit Budal by ensuring our team is always working at the pace, accuracy, and consistency our customers have grown to know and love. 

Budal Construction Group Millwork
Budal Construction Group Warehouse






Budal Construction Group features a fully rounded commercial construction team, with the skills to support your project from start to finish. With top of industry experience in every area, our team of highly qualified professionals has been built throughout the years to ensure that our customer is taken care of, communicated with, and treated like a partner. We continue to grow our areas of expertise to be able to offer our clients the latest and greatest of technology and innovation!

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